College Policies

The Equality Office promotes equality and inclusiveness for staff and students, in all areas of College life. The Equality Policy outlines Trinity College Dublin's commitment to promoting equality in all aspects of the College's activity: employment, education and service provision; and details how this policy will be implemented.

The Dignity and Respect policy supports a collegiate environment for its staff, students and other community members, which is free from discrimination, bullying and harassment. In 2014 Trinity College Dublin adopted a Gender Identity and Gender Expression Policy  and formalising its commitment to recognise and support an individual’s gender identity and gender expression so that all members of the College community experience a positive and tolerant environment where every member is treated with dignity and respect.

Information on all college polices can be found here: College Policies

In particular, your attention is drawn to the LEAD, Living Equality and Diversity eLearning, programme and the Trinity Inclusive Curriculum project.