Prof. Cormac McGuinness

School of Physics

+353 1 8963547

Principal Investigator

Group Members

There are currently 2 students studying under my direction. They are:

  • Stephen Callaghan
  • Martin Duignan

I have graduated five students from my research group

  • Declan Cockburn, Ph.D. - now working for ASML, Eindhoven, Holland
  • Brian Kennedy, Ph.D. - now working at MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden.
  • Nikolaos Peltekis, Ph.D. - now working in Intel, Leixlip and Arizona.
  • Brendan Arnold, M.Sc. - now studying for Ph.D. at Bristol University
  • Daniel McNally, M.Sc. - now studying for Ph.D. at State University of New York, Stonybrook

I have closely worked with two other students in their Ph.D. projects under other supervisors within Trinity College Dublin as well as one external to Trinity.

  • Brendan Holland, Ph.D. - supervised by Prof. McGovern, TCD.
  • John Cunniffe, Ph.D. - supervised by Prof. McGilp, TCD.
  • Timothy Learmonth, Ph.D. - supervised by Prof. Smith, Boston University.