Elionix 7700 – e Beam Lithography System

Elionix 7700 – e Beam Lithography System

Model: Elionix ELS-7700 EX E-Beam Lithography System
Location: AML 0.17,0.18,0.19 EBL Supra
Booking: www.sharedperspective.com/Crann/CoreTech



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The Elionix 7700 e-Beam Lithography system is a dedicated electron beam Litho platform which utilizes a ZrO/W thermal field emission source, and an electron column normally operating at an acceleration voltage of 75 kV to write features in a variety of resists, on a variety of substrates. The laser interferometer-controlled stage and an assortment of chucks allow features to be written on substrates up to 6 inches in diameter, as well as on much smaller samples. Patterns to be written can be imported from AutoCAD "dxf" as well as Calma "gds" format, and can also be defined in the native CAD language used by the system. Writing field sizes range from 75 microns to 2.4 mm on a side. Maximum clock speed (1 / minimum delay) is 10 MHz


  • Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)
  • SEM Imaging


  • Sample holders for:
    • Small piece
    • Wafers from 2"-6”
    • Photomasks
  • Circle pattern generator
  • Spot lithography function
  • Variable field size function
  • CAD system with pattern data creation program & lithography control program
  • Data conversion function (GDSII and DXF formats)


  • Field sizes: 1200um, 600um, 300um, 150um, and 75um
  • Minimum linewidth: 10nm (with 75um field at 50kV)
  • Scan rate: 0.1usec/step - 3200usec/step
  • Minimum beam diameter: 2nm
  • Beam current: 1pA - 50nA (SMIF operating range: 18pa - 2nA)
  • Stage movement range:
    • x: 100mm
    • y: 110mm
    • z: 5mm
  • Stage position resolution:
    • x,y:  1nm
    • z: 0.2um
  • Field stitching accuracy:
    • 75um field: <10nm
    • 150um field: <20nm
    • 300um field: <30nm
    • Overlay accuracy: 30nm