Physics and Astrophysics Degree (TR071)

For this degree (called a Moderatorship at TCD), students take the Science course in first and second years, choosing Physics and Mathematics as two of their three options. The Physics course in these freshman years includes introductory Astrophysics lectures. In the final two (sophister) years, students take a variety of specialist Astrophysics courses and core Physics courses.

The full information for this course can be viewed on the School Of Physics courses page.

Study at NASA or ESA!

Final year students carry out either physics or an astrophysics research project with the opportunity of working at an observatory in Ireland, UK, Canary Islands or Hawaii. A number of our students have spent 3-6 months at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the European Space Agency. Students also have the opportunity to use our recently constructed WHS Monck Observatory. The observatory is equipped with a 2.3 metre radio telescope and an 11 inch Celestron telescope and associated CCD cameras.

Career Opportunities

Physics and astrophysics graduates are increasingly in demand in Ireland and elsewhere in modern high technology industries, as well as in teaching. You may also find a career in academic institutions, government and industrial research organisations and production facilities, or the meteorological service. There are diverse opportunities in electronics, telecommunications, biophysics, hospital and health physics, automation and computing, as well as in a wide range of careers for which employers value the skills of problem-solving that come with the degree. It could also be a useful primary training for a legal, managerial or actuarial career for which a technical background is very attractive.

Further details on the course, including last year's points, can he found in the Undergraduate Prospectus.

Please contact the Physics & Astrophysics Course Director, Dr. Peter Gallagher, if you have any questions regarding the degree course.