The Physics 300 Committee is coordinating the celebrations, but our thanks go to all staff who are helping to organise and host the schedule of events marking the tercentenary.


  • Prof. Louise Bradley, Chair
  • Prof. Jonathan Coleman, Head of School and Erasmus Smith Chair of Natural and Experimental Philosophy
  • Prof. John Donegan, Deputy Head of School
  • Prof. Ortwin Hess
  • Prof. Hongzhou Zhang
  • Prof. Plamen Stamenov
  • Prof. Charles Patterson
  • Prof. Luca Matra
  • Prof. Lewys Jones
  • Dr. Colm Stephens, School Manager
  • Mr. Ken Concannon, Chief Technical Officer
  • Mr. Chris Smith, Senior Experimental Officer
  • Mr. Alan O’Meara, Chief Technical Officer (Specialist)
  • Ms. Marie Kinsella, Finance Office manager