The group’s research interests are in the area of nanophotonics, specifically the experimental and theoretical study and manipulation of light-matter interaction on the nanoscale.
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We use a variety of nanoscale materials (quantum dots, quantum wells, molecules, 2-dimensional materials and nanoscale metallic structures). Tailored plasmonic structures are fabricated using focussed-ion beam, e-beam lithography and helium-ion lithography. Interaction with nanoscale metallic features can result in modified emission properties, in terms of intensity, directionality and polarization. Plasmonic structures can facilitate improved performance and enhanced functionality for many applications including, but not limited to, light emitting devices, light harvesting, sensing, quantum optics and all-optical data processing. We have developed a wide range of characterization techniques for the investigation of these nanoscale systems.

The main topics of research at this time are:

  • Energy transfer in nanoscale systems
  • Controlling the properties of plasmon-coupled emitters
  • Colour generation via plasmonics

Current projects

Below is a list of some of the projects we are involved in:

  • Plasmon-enhanced upconverting nanocrystals for biological labelling - Science Foundation Ireland and Tyndall, IPIC 2018 PhD Student Award (2018-2022)
    Award number: IPIC2018PhD1
  • Dynamic Tuning of Plasmonic Structures - Science Foundation Ireland, Investigator Award (2017-2022)
    Award number: 16/IA/4550
  • Pixel Demonstrator for Actively Tuned Reflective Plasmonic Display - Science Foundation Ireland, Technology Innovation Development Award (2014-2016)
    Award number: 13/TIDA/12717
  • Alloyed Plasmonic Structures for Light Harvesting - Irish Research Council (2013-2017)
    Award Number: GOIPG/2013/680
  • A strategy for metallic nanostructured display - Irish Research Council(2013-2017)
    Award number: GOIPG/2013/680
  • Plasmonic enhanced nanophotonic devices - Science Foundation Ireland, Investigator Award (2011-2016)
    Award number: 10/IN.1/12975
  • High efficiency white light emitting diodes - Irish Research Council Science Engineering and Technology (2011-2015)
    Award number: RS/2011/287
  • Hybrid quantum-well and quantum dot photonic devices - National Access Programme, Tyndall (2012-2014)
    Award number: NAP388