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Dr. Lewys Jones FRMS MInstP

Ussher Assistant Professor in Ultramicroscopy Royal Society & Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) University Research Fellow

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Research Fellows

Research Fellow

Research Fellow Dr Jon Peters

Research Fellow Physics

Jon completed his PhD at the University of Warwick in 2017 under the supervision of Prof. Ana M. Sanchez. His thesis focussed on using TEM to explore the structure and functional properties of ferroelectrics from quantitative atomic resolution measurements. Jon's PhD was followed up by 3 years as a post-doctoral research fellow where he worked with Prof. Marin Alexe to study ferrotoroidic structures (e.g. polar vortices and skyrmions) in ferroelectric thin films and superlattices. With a fondne

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Engineering Specialist Germano Motta

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PhD Students (alphabetical)

PhD Student

PhD Student Edward Gannon

PhD Student

Edward graduated from University College Dublin in 2018 with a BSc in Chemistry in 2018. His final year project with Prof. Kenneth Dawson introduced him to nanotechnology and material science, working with ultra-small gold nanoparticles and their interactions with cancer cells. After being awarded the Intel Scholarship, he went on to study the formation of nanocomposites of iron oxide nanoflowers and graphene oxide under Dr. Dermot Brougham, completing his MSc in Nanochemistry from UCD in 2019.

PhD Student

PhD Student Patrick McBean

PhD Student

Patrick received his BA in Physics & Astrophysics in 2019 from Trinity College Dublin. Following his final year research project with Professor Jonathan Coleman in the Chemical Physics of Low-Dimensional Nanostructures research group, he is now working on his PhD with the Ultramicroscopy Group doing computational modelling of magnetic fields to design a new lens for transmission electron microscopes. In his spare time he competes in badminton and air-rifle.

PhD Student

PhD Student Tiarnan Mullarkey

PhD Student

Tiarnan graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a BA in Physics in 2019. During his degree he completed a final year research project in the Ultramicroscopy group based on creating a digital, electron-counting imaging technique for ADF detectors used in scanning transmission electron microscopes. He will be continuing this research for his PhD project through the Center for Doctoral Training in the Advanced Characterisation of Materials. He hopes to use and further develop his new technique

PhD Student

PhD Student Cameron O’Byrne

PhD Student

Cameron completed his undergraduate degree in 2019, graduating with a BA in Physics from Trinity College Dublin. He studied for his final year research project in the Ultramicroscopy group, modelling the magnetic and optical performance of TEM objective lens. He is now continuing his studies working towards a PhD, investigating the performance of new electron detection technology. He hopes his research will lead to increases in the cost:performance ratio of detectors in electron microscopes.

PhD Student

PhD Student Frances Quigley

PhD Student

Frances graduated from her undergraduate degree in Physics in Trinity College Dublin in 2019. During this she completed a research project in surface-science at Soochow University, China as well as a biophysics project at the University of Sydney using high performance computing. She is currently studying for her PhD with Dr. Lewys Jones in low-energy electron microscopy with the aim of creating a new low-energy electron emitter exploiting photoelectric emission. Frances has a strong interest i

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Laidlaw scholars

Michael Mitchell - 2020, 2021

Michael is a third year undergraduate student studying Theoretical Physics in Trinity. He is a recipient of the Naughton Scholarship, the Hamilton Trust, the Laidlaw Scholarship, and is currently researching the use of machine learning in the denoising of electron microscopy images as part of the Laidlaw programme during the summer of 2020. He is founder and elected auditor of the Theoretical Physics Student Association.

Jean O’Brien - 2019, 2020

Jean is a third year undergraduate student studying theoretical physics in Trinity. In 2018 she completed a summer research project entitled "Sample Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy" as part of the Ultramicroscopy group. She is a recipient of the Naughton Scholarship and the Laidlaw Scholarship and is currently researching microplastics in the environment in Ireland as part of the Laidlaw programme. Her project involves five weeks of research in the summer of 2019 and a further five weeks of research in the summer of 2020, after which she will produce a final report and poster.

Summer students

Donnacha Henchy - 2021

Emma Hughes - 2021

David McSharry - 2021

Peter O'Donovan - 2020

Michael Mitchell - 2018

Jean O’Brien - 2018

William O’Sullivan - 2018

Claire Rieger - 2018

Final-year Project Students

Maya Clinton - 2021

Matthew Geever - 2021

Jordan Kenny - 2021

Elizabeth Nelson - 2020

Grainne Allen - 2019

Éanna Doyle - 2019

Cameron O'Byrne - 2019

Connal McNamara - 2018

Tiarnan Mullarkey - 2018

Catriona Murphy - 2018

Mark Murray - 2018