Simon Milz

PostDoc researcher | School of Physics

Office: Trinity Quantum Information Group office, Hamilton building, ground floor

Research interests

Quantum Correlations, Open Quantum Systems, Quantum Stochastic Processes, Indefinite Causal Order, Higher Order Quantum Maps

Recent publications & preprints

Full list of publications here on arXiv and here on Google Scholar.

Graeme D. Berk, Simon Milz, Felix A. Pollock, Kavan Modi, "Extracting quantum dynamical resources: consumption of non-Markovianity for noise reduction", npj Quantum Inf., 9, (2023).

Philip Taranto, Marco Túlio Quintino, Mio Murao, Simon Milz, "Characterising the Hierarchy of Multi-time Quantum Processes with Classical Memory", 2023.

Lucas B. Vieira, Simon Milz, Giuseppe Vitagliano, and Costantino Budroni, "Witnessing environment dimension through temporal correlations", 2023.

Simon Milz, Marco Túlio Quintino, "Transformations between arbitrary (quantum) objects and the emergence of indefinite causality", 2023.

Philip Taranto, Thomas J. Elliott, and Simon Milz, "Hidden Quantum Memory: Is Memory There When Somebody Looks?", Quantum 7, 991 (2023)