Our Research

We are interested in modeling the physical world in mathematical terms and this is reflected in the research carried out in the Theory & Modelling Group.

We are particularly interested in electronic properties of low-dimensional systems such as multilayers, nanotubes, graphite and graphene.

Below is a list of some of the projects we are involved in:

  • Electronic properties of 2D materials
  • Inverse modelling in low-dimensional systems
  • Modelling of transport properties in nanowire networks
  • Acoustic properties of materials
  • Designing the physical properties of new materials
  • Strain-induced alterations of the magnetic properties of graphene
  • Dynamic RKKY interaction in graphene
  • Inverse modelling in graphene
  • Modelling the transport properties of nanowire networks
  • Origami-based spintronics in 2-dimensional materials
  • Acoustic properties of materials