Our People

Principal Investigator

Head of Group E-mail Phone no.
Prof. Jonathan Coleman colemaj@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 3859

Postdoctorate Research Fellows

Postdoctorate Research Fellows E-mail Phone no.
Dr Joseph Neilson NEILSONJ@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Tian Carey CAREYTI@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Cian Gabbett gabbettc@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Daniel O'Driscoll DAODRISC@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Bharathi Konkena KONKENAB@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Harneet Kaur hakaur@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Shixin Liu SLIU3@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Dr Rebekah Wells rwells@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039

Postgraduate Students

Postgraduate Students E-mail Phone no.
Sean Fulham sfulham@tcd.ie
00 353 (1) 896 2039
Yumei Jiang JIANGY4@tcd.ie
00 353 (1) 896 2039
Oran Brennan brennao5@tcd.ie
00 353 (1) 896 2039
Anthony Dawson ANDAWSON@tcd.ie
00 353 (1) 896 2039
Oran Cassidy ocassidy@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Emmet Coleman colemae1@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Jack Maughan jmaughan@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Luke Doolan LDOOLAN@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Eoin Caffrey EOCAFFRE@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039
Mark McCrystall mccrystm@tcd.ie 00 353 (1) 896 2039

Name Thesis Title
Shixin Liu
Yumei Jiang
Yufan Liu  
Dominik Horváth  
James Garcia Piezoresistive Properties of 2D based Nanocomposites for Strain Sensing 
Domhnall O'Suilleabhain Optimisation of Electrolytically-gated Thin Film Transistors made from Printed Nanosheet Networks
Yashaswi Nalawade Dielectric Networks from Solution-Processed 2D Nanomaterials
Aideen Griffin Spectroscopic and Microscopic Characterisation of Liquid Phase Exfoliated 2D Materials
Daniel O’Driscoll Viscoelastic Polymer Nanocomposite Materials for Sensing Applications
Cian Gabbett Electrical, Mechanical and Morphological Characterization of Nanosheet Networks
Dr. John Boland Liquid Phase Exfoliation of 2D Materials under Ambient Conditions
Dr. Sonia Biccai Exfoliation And Sensing Application of 2D Materials
Dr. Beata Syzslowska Size selection and Monolayer Enrichment in Liquid-Exfoliated Tungsten Disulphide Dispersions
Dr. David McAteer Nanostructured Electrodes as Catalysts for the Water Splitting Reaction
Dr. Adam Kelly Printed Electronics from Solution-Processed 2D Materials
Dr. Ivan Caffery Inferring the Surface Energy Distribution of Low Dimensional Materials
Dr. Andrew Harvey Liquid-Phase Exfoliation and Characterisation of Novel Layered Materials
Peter Lynch Nanostructured Electrochemically Active Electrodes for Applications in Energy Generation and Storage Devices
Sebastian Barwich A Study of Liquid Phase Exfoliation and Properties of 2D Nanomaterials
Damien Hanlon Liquid Phase Exfoliation of Novel 2D Nanomaterials
Conor Boland Multifaceted Sensors Based on Conductive Nanocomposites
Tom Higgins Electrochemical Energy Storage Properties of Solution-Processed Nanomaterial Networks
Graeme Cunningham Solution Processed Group VI Transition Metal Dichalcogenides A Study on Conductive Hybrids and Photoconductivity for Future Applications in Printed Electronics
Rónán Smith Liquid Phase Exfoliation and Dispersion of Two Dimensional Materials
Peter May Nanoscale Effects Governing Mechanical Reinforcement in Composite Materials
Sophie Sorel Study of the Properties of Networks of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials for Transparent Flexible Device Applications
Paul King Percolation Effects in Nanostructured Thin Films
Marguerite Hughes Factors Controlling the Dispersion of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Hexabenzocoronene in Liquid Media
Mustafa Lotya Exfoliation and Dispersion of Layered Materials Through Liquid Phase Processing
Karen Young Preparation and Characterisation of Carbon Nanotube Composites
David Rickard Photoluminescence Studies of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Phil Lyons Flexible Thin Films for Electronic Applications
Umar Khan Mechanical and Morphological Properties of Polymer-Nanotube Composites
Yenny Hernandez High-yield Exfoliation of Graphene
Ian O’Connor Post-production Treatment of Commercial Fibres
Fiona Blighe Preparation and characterisation of carbon nanotube films and composites
Helen Cathcart Understanding DNA dispersed single-walled carbon nanotube systems
Shane Bergin Dispersions and Solutions of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes
David Blond Mechanical Properties of Biopolymers Reinforced with Carbon Nanotubes
Denis Mc Carthy Inorganic Nanowire Based Composites



Name Contact
Dr Jose Munuera MUNUERAJ@tcd.ie
Dr Adam Kelly kellya35@tcd.ie
Dr Kevin Synnatschke synnatsk@tcd.ie
Dr Althaf Mohamed mohameal@tcd.ie
Dr Dan O'Dwyer daodrisc@tcd.ie
Dr Bharati Konkena KONKENAB@tcd.ie
Dr Erxiong Ding DINGE@tcd.ie
Dr Ruiyuan Tian rtian@tcd.ie
Tingting Chen chentingting2015@126.com
Dr Andrew Harvey harveya2@tcd.ie
Dr Zheng Ling lingz@tcd.ie
Dr Conor Boland bolandc1@tcd.ie
Dr Victor Vega vegamayv@tcd.ie
Dr Sajad Esmaeily  
Dr Ian Godwin godwini@tcd.ie
Dr Claudia Backes backes@uni-heidelberg.de
Dr Zahra Gholamvand gholamvz@tcd.ie
Dr Xiaoyun He xihe@tcd.ie
Dr Eswaraiah Varrla varrlae@tcd.ie
Dr Shabo Xie shaoboxie@gmail.com
Dr Oana Istrate istrateo@tcd.ie
Dr Rónán Smith smithro@tcd.ie
Dr Peter May mayp@tcd.ie
Dr Sophie Sorel sorels@tcd.ie
Dr Paul King kingpj@tcd.ie
Dr Mustafa Lotya lotyam@tcd.ie
Dr Phil Lyons lyonspe@tcd.ie
Dr Marguerite Hughes jmhughes@tcd.ie
Dr Sukanta De desu@tcd.ie
Dr. Karen Young kyoung@tcd.ie
Dr. Fiona Blighe fblighe@tcd.ie
Dr. David Rickard rickard@tcd.ie
Dr. Toby Sainsbury toby.sainsbury@gmail.com
Dr Damien Aherne  
William Morton mortond@tcd.ie
Dr Shane Bergin  
Dr Helen Cathcart  
Dr Yenny Hernandez  
Dr Zhenyu Sun  
Dr Valeria Nicolosi