The School of Physics is active in supporting projects related to EDI. These projects are directed at improving the visibility of minority groups and where possible, promoting equality, diversity and inclusion for all staff and students.  

  • Gender balanced representation in the School’s seminar series.  
  • Free Period Product initiative: Launched initially in September 2022, this initiative aims to end period poverty within the School of Physics. Free period products are now available on the first and second floor of the SNIAM building.  
  • Diversity on our walls: This ongoing project aims to better reflect the gender balance of the School’s history and incorporates a more diverse range of representation on the portraits displayed within the School.   
  • Scholarships to support diversity: Since the launch of the School’s MSc in Quantum Science and Technology, the School has worked with industrial partners to establish: 
  •  Microsoft Scholarships: are aimed at supporting and developing outstanding female postgraduate students who wish to pursue a career in the quantum industry.  
  • Trinity AQ Scholarships: are aimed at supporting and developing two outstanding postgraduate students from the Global South who are keen to develop their career with the quantum science industry. 

For updates on recent projects, please visit our news page.