Founded in 1980 by J. M. D. Coey, we are the leading magnetism research group in Ireland. The first M.Sc. graduated in 1982 and the first Ph.D in 1984. Since then over 70 M.Sc and Ph.Ds have graduated and over 200 postdocs, visiting academics and summer students have engaged in group research from Ireland and other countries.

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Magnetism is a 2000-year-old science which is undergoing a renaissance. It underpins dramatic advances in information technology and electromagnetic engineering. Magnetism also provides systems for fundamental studies of phase transitions, random disorder and physics in low dimensions. There are fascinating and ill-explained effects of magnetic fields in chemistry and biology. Uncovering magnetic mysteries is the focus of our research. For further reading about the physical concepts, experimental methods, materials and applications of magnetism you may wish to consult this comprehensive textbook, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials