Cleanroom aprg

Class 100 and 1000 Cleanrooms are shared facilities within CRANN.

Class 100 Cleanroom

This room is used primarily for UV Lithography. Its facilities include:

  • Spin resist
  • UV Mask Aligner
  • Laser Mask Writer (Heidelberg DWL66)
  • Solvent wet bench
  • Dry Plasma Etcher (OIPT Plasmalab System100 ICP180)
  • Acid wet bench


Class 1,000 Cleanroom

This room contains a variety of deposition systems

  • Temescal Evaporation System
    This is a flexible tool, commonly used in conjunction with UV and E-beam Lithography. Its features include:
    • 6-pocket electron beam evaporation source, a thermal evaporation source
    • ion source
    • substrate infrared heater and liquid nitrogen cooler
    • process gas controller
    • fast-cycle load lock
  • LPCVD Evaporation System
  • Automated wafer dicing system (Disco DAD 3220 wafer dicer)

For more information on these and more devices, see the cleanroom page on the CRANN website.