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Quantum mechanics is the theory that explains the behaviour of the microscopic world such as atoms and photons. Over the last 100 years, this theory has been remarkably successful in describing the world at microscopic scales. It is now well accepted that being able to control quantum systems allows us to exploit many physical properties (e.g. superposition). This ability to control systems will revolutionise the way we communicate, process and store information as well as help us to develop new technologies. These emerging technologies are known as quantum technology.

MSc in Quantum Science and Technology Video

MSc in Quantum Science and Technology long introduction video

Unlock the Secrets of Quantum Physics with a MSc Programme at Trinity College Dublin

Professor Goold highlights the prestigious MSc programme in Quantum Physics and Technology, including its industry engagement and hands-on approach to learning. Discover the diverse range of topics covered in this programme and learn about the criteria for admission.

Exploring Quantum Computing with Professor John Goold

Professor John Goold delves into the exciting field of quantum computing. He explains the complex concepts of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics in an accessible and easy-to-understand way.

This MSc focuses on the theoretical and software aspects of this technology. Specifically, it focuses on an unique blend of quantum information science, the physics of quantum hardware and quantum materials. It will also enable you to develop key skills in the area, such as how to write programs for quantum computers and to network with like-minded students who are interested in pursuing further studies in this area.

Understanding these challenges is critical to this MSc. Because of this, students will have regular invited lectures and talks from multinationals involved in research and development, small and medium enterprises and the blossoming quantum start up space. This will enable them to understand the challenges that face the quantum industry today.

This course is designed for graduates with a strong mathematical background. Graduates from physics chemistry, engineering, mathematics and computer science are invited to apply.

Is this MSc for me?

If you are

  • Someone who is fascinated by quantum mechanics and its potential
  • Interested in making a career in quantum technology industry e.g. as a quantum software engineer or a quantum scientist
  • Working in a related sector such as data science, machine learning or computer program
  • Thinking of working as an entrepreneur in the emerging quantum technology space
  • Considering using this MSc to progress to further study i.e. a PhD in the public or private sector

then this course is for you.


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This course is funded as part of the Human Capital Initiative (HCI) Pillar 3. The HCI is delivery an investment targeted towards increasing capacity in higher education in skills-focused programmes designed to meet priority skills needs. For more details, visit here.