Sustainable Hydrothermal Manufacturing of Nanomaterials (SHYMAN)


The Applied Physics Research Group are a member of the SHYMAN Project, tasked with characterisation of Nanoparticles produced using this process.

FP7:NMP.2001.1.4-1 - Large scale green and economical synthesis of nanoparticles and nanostructures
Grant Agreement No.: 280983

The SHYMAN Project is a 7th Framework Project (FP7) which includes 19 members, and is coordinated by the University of Nottingham. The aim of the project is to create a continuous-flow reactor system for large-scale synthesis of nanoparticles. Key to the project is a a unique reactor design, which exploits the reduced density of supercritical water in order to achieve highly efficient mixing, which is necessary for uniform size distribution of the nanoparticles.

The role of the APRG in this project is to provide quantitative analysis on the dimensions and structure of the nanoparticles. Analysis techniques include TEM, SEM and XRD.

For information about the groups participating in the project, see the CORDIS page at


Nanoparticles created using the continuous flow reactor.

Nanoparticles created using the continuous flow reactor.