Mission to Mars

InSight Mission to Mars - Seismometer

Cover Image The InSight Martian lander depicted with deployed SEIS instrument. Credit NASA/JPL-Caltech

The Mars Seismic Catalogue is a planetary-wide catalog generated from the observations of a single seismometer, which NASA has been operating on the surface of the Red Planet since 2019. Each day three megabytes stream from Mars through the Deep Space Network to the computers of SISMOC (SeIS on Mars Operation Center) hosted by the French space agency CNES in Toulouse.

The InSight lander with its two solar arrays deployed. The seismometer is visible on the ground, attached to the probe by a flexible tether (© NASA/JPL).

Release of the mars-event web service, an implementation of the FDSN-event specification adapted for Martian seismic events known as marsquakes. It provides an interface to the Mars Seismic Catalogue from the InSight mission to Mars. Mars Seismic Catalogue from the InSight mission to Mars.
Additional information, including API documentation and catalog references, is found on the service Help page:
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