We currently have no explanet-specific positions available. However, there are a number of funding opportunities available to join our group - see below. Please feel free to contact me (n.gibson [AT] tcd.ie) if you have any queries.

PhD opportunities

Most PhDs in Ireland are funded via personal scholarships. The most common in astronomy is with the Irish Research Council, which pays student fees plus a stipend for 4 years. Calls open annually, generally in September, with deadline in October. You should contact your potential supervisor well in advance of the deadline.

Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities

The Irish Research Council also offer funding for postdoctoral fellowships. These are typically 2-year positions, with funding deadline in November.

There is also an advanced fellowship via Science Foundation Ireland and the Royal Society. This is a 5-year position with possible extension for 3 years. I am happy to support applications in the area of exoplanets and their atmospheres, and more generally the astronomy group are open to supporting applications from other areas of astronomy. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Finally there is also funding available via the European Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowships program. These are available for anyone moving to Ireland from abroad, and are typically 2 years.