Anup Kumar

Post-Doctoral Fellow

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E-mail: ankumar(at)
Phone: 2171
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Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Delhi, INDIA.

Selected Publications

  • Anup Kumar, Eyal Capua, Kiran Vankayala, Claudio Fontanesi and Ron Naaman, Angew,Magnetless Device for Conducting Three-Dimensional Spin-Specific Electrochemistry Experiments,Chem. Int. Ed,129, 14779 (2017)
  • Anup Kumar, Megha Chhatwal, Prakash Chandra Mondal, Vikram Singh, Alok Kumar Singh, Domenico A. Cristaldi, Rinkoo D. Gupta and Antonino Gulino, A ternary memory module using low-voltage control over optical properties of metal polypyridyl monolayers, Chem Commun.,50, 3783-3785 (2014)
  • Anup Kumar, Megha Chhatwal, Alok Kumar Singh, Vikram Singh and Manoj Tiwari, Chem Commun., A fast and selective probe for monitoring Pd2+ in aqueous medium via dual-optical readout ,50,8488-8490 (2014)

Research Area

Molecular electronics, Electrochromic materials, CISS and d0-magnetic materials


Hindi and English


Cooking new cuisine, hiking and chess