Saeid Asgarnezhadzorgabad (He/Him)


Research Fellow, Quantum Nanophotonics group, Trinity College Dublin
Education and Public Engagement (EPE) Ambassador, CRANN Institute



Quantum nanophotonic/nanoplasmonics is a prospective research area due to providing opportunities for ultrafast light control and deep subwavelength region. Light manipulation in both quantum and classical regimes has potential applications in the next generation of quantum technologies. Interaction between quantum systems such as emitters and nanostructure schemes such as 2D materials, plasmonic resonators, and cavities is our interest and we focused on extracting quantum technologies based on quantum evolution/dynamics of such hybrid systems. We are in deep collaborations with experimental groups designing quantum devices such as single-photon transistors.

Research Interests:
● Quantum Photonics
● Topology in hybrid nanostructures
● Nonlinear dynamics in nanostructures


Select Publications:

  1. Asgarnezhadzorgabad, Surface plasmonic Cherenkov radiation and symmetry breaking within a coherent nonlinear nanostructure, Phys. Rev. A, 104, L051503(2021).
  2. Jalalimola and S. Asgarnezhadzorgabad, Synthetic plasmonic lattice formation through invariant frequency comb excitation in graphene structures, Nanophotonics, 10, 3813-3821 (2021).
  3. Asgarnezhadzorgabad, Coherent amplification and inversion less lasing of surface plasmon polaritons in a negative index metamaterial with a resonant atomic medium, Sci. Rep. 11, 3450 (2021).
  4. Asgarnezhadzorgabad, and B. C. Sanders, Nonlinear frequency conversions via weak surface polaritonic wave breaking in a hybrid plasmonic waveguide, Opt. Lett., 45, 5432-5435(2020).



Publication/Research Links:

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