Elionix 7700 – e Beam Lithography System


SEM Carl Zeiss Ultra

The Ultra is a versatile SEM for high resolution imaging and materials analysis


The Titan TEM typically operates at 300 kV, and can also operate at 200 kV, and 80 kV. Used for material localization down to the sub-nanometer scale and analysis of interfaces down to the sub-nanometer scale.

Optical mask aligner

The mask aligner is a conventional NUV / DUV aligner for patterning features down to submicron dimensions. It also features an integrated nanoimprint tool using nitride and oxide stamps for deep sub 100nm dimensions.

Dicing Saw

The Disco DAD 3220 wafer dicer


Laser lithography system pattern generator. The Heidelberg DWL 66s is a laser lithography high resolution pattern generator for low volume mask making and direct writing. The capability and flexibility allow lithography for MEMS, Bio-Mems, Micro Optics, Asics , Microfluidic sensors.

Temescal FC2000 Metal Evaporation system

Used for controlled deposition of a range of metal thin films. The system features a six pocket electron beam gun with various pre deposition treatment options including IR irradiation and ion gun sputter cleaning.

Cell passaging

Splitting is a technique that enables an individual to keep cells alive and growing under cultured conditions for extended periods of time

Elionix 7700 – e Beam Lithography system