Trinity Walton Club is a unique STEM club for post primary students interested in understanding how STEM works in the world around them. It is also a hub for uniting like mind students and a place to build friendships. At the club, Alphas (or students) partake in a range of STEM sessions and activities which seek to fuel their curiosity and enhance critical skills like problem solving and higher order thinking. A range of social activities are also organised and the ‘Mini Expert Series’ see STEM experts visit the Alphas and share their STEM story.

Photo of some of the students of the Walton Club in the Long Room Library

Trinity Walton Club is a not for profit fee paying initiative, however there are a range of application routes for students who come from socio-economic backgrounds that are currently underrepresented at university, including bursaries for Trinity Access Program students and DEIS school students.

Each year the club runs over three 10 week terms. There are also Easter and summer camps for students who were unsuccessful in joining the 30 week programme. It is intended that Alphas who successfully complete Trinity Walton Club year one programme, will be invited to continue their Trinity Walton Club experience for a further 3 years. In parallel, we will also welcome new second year post primary students to the Trinity Walton Club, increasing the number of members each year.

Walton Club students involved in Physics related activities

Trinity Walton Club was formed through a partnership between the Schools of Physics, Mathematics and Education at Trinity College Dublin.