Power systems laboratory

Power Electronics (PE) deals with conversion and control of electrical power with the help of electronic switching devices. They are advantageous due to their high efficiency and ability to cool faster over conventional analogue or digital electronic devices, saving energy. The Power systems laboratory is dedicated to research in the areas of sustainable energy with focus on power electronics and electrical systems component of the MSc in Science of Energy. Applications range from renewable energy systems such as solar-PV systems to electrified transportation.

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Circuit board

Graphic of a diagram of an electric car

Power Electronics Interface

Circuit board creation on a PC computer




Location: SNIAM building –1.33
Power Electronics bandwidth of applications ranges from renewable energy systems to electrified transportation

Renewable energy systems such as solar-PV systems and wind are promising renewable energy sources for generation of electricity with sustainable growth in the years to come.
The recent developments in the field of PE have significant impacts on research and development of renewable energy systems for generation of electricity.

Electrified transportation is the outcome of the paradigm shift from conventional ICE-based vehicles to more efficient and cleaner electrified vehicles. Electrification can occur in both vehicular propulsion and non-propulsion loads. Higher degrees of electrification represent a larger power electrical path leading to less use of fossil fuels and hence, better fuel economy and lower GHG emissions


Analysis of Solar Energy Data with development of a state-of-the-art TRNSYS model

  1. Nigel Carroll & Samuel Millar MSc Energy Science

Solar and wind must dominate EU electricity generation to get to net-zero. To reduce consumer energy costs, smart energy systems are required. They optimise the process of generating, purchasing, using and storing energy.

Tribe is a state-of-the-art smart energy management system. It learns consumption patterns, and checks live tariff and weather forecasting information to optimise use of clean, low-cost electricity

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