Career Opportunities (Postgraduate)

Graduates of the School of Physics postgraduate programme have established careers in a range of areas including scientific research, data analytics, finance & actuary, science education & communication and medical physics. Our graduates have also developed academic careers in prominent universities and research institutions abroad, many still maintaining strong research collaborations with the School of Physics today.

Our students are involved in multidisciplinary research projects like AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) a Science Foundation Ireland funded centre that partners leading researchers in materials science with industry and the iLOFAR radiotelescope project at Birr Castle. Many of our research groups have also successfully developed Irish spin-out companies including Eblana PhotonicsMiravex Ltd and SelfSense Technologies.

Careers Advisory Service (CAS)

The CAS provides a range of services to Trinity students including drop-in C.V./LinkedIn profile clinics, workshops and interview preparation. The CAS is located directly next to Trinity‚Äôs campus.  The School of Physics also has a dedicated Career Adviser who supports our postgraduate students through one-to-one appointments. You can find out more about the CAS and the Physics Career Advisor at

Physics Graduates Testimonials

I graduated with a B.A. (Mod) in Physics and Astrophysics in 2007. I completed an MSc (Dist) in Space Science at University College London, and then returned to Trinity to undertake a PhD in Solar Physics with the Astrophysics Research Group. Since 2013, I have worked as a Space Weather Research Scientist at the UK’s Meteorological Office. My work investigates the causes of solar eruptions and examines the impact of these eruptions on the Earth’s atmosphere.

Dr Sophie Murray

Space Weather Research Scientist

After earning my Bachelor’s degree from Kazakh National University, I chose Trinity for my postgraduate research because of its rich history and modern science facilities. The fact that great scientists like Ernest Walton graduated and worked in the School of Physics made a big impression on me. My research was funded by the Bolashak Foundation, Kazakhstan’s national scholarship programme. I really enjoyed my research topic, I studied lasers and optical communications under the supervision of Prof John Donegan in the Photonics research group. Not only did I have fun in Trinity, but I also met new people and made life-long friendships.

Dr Azat Abdullayev

Research Scientist, Nazarbayev University

In 2005, Prof Jonathan Coleman gave me the opportunity to do a PhD in nanoscience. Over the years, we had fun but we also did great science. We developed the process to exfoliate graphene in the liquid phase, which opened many doors for me and the Coleman research group. It brought me to where I am today!

Prof Yenny Hernandez

Physics Department, Universidad de los Andes, Columbia