People at Quantum Technology


Prof John Goold

Course Director

John Goold is interested in the interface of thermodynamics and quantum mechanics and in particular on how thermodynamics emerges in complex many body systems. He has worked on a number of different areas including ultra cold atoms physics, statistical mechanics and quantum information.


Prof. Stefano Sanvito

Stefano Sanvito is a world-leading expert in the theory of materials and devices, with research interests spanning from first-principles materials design to quantum transport. His research group maintains a balance between the formal development of novel algorithms, and their use in the most recent problems in materials science.Stefano will coordinate an advanced topics module, in which researchers from Quantum Technology companies will introduce their specific research areas and they


Prof. Paul Eastham

Paul Eastham is a theoretical physicist, whose research focusses on the effects of quantum coherence in many-body systems, particularly those at the interface between optics and condensed-matter physics. Paul will be teaching a module on the practical implementations of quantum devices, looking at how these devices are constructed, how they work, and how they might develop in the future.


Prof. Ortwin Hess

Ortwin Hess’s research interests are in quantum nanophotonics, metamaterials and spatio-temporal semiconductor laser dynamics. His team and a network of Trinity and international collaborators strive to elevate quantum science and quantum technologies to room-temperature via quantum metamaterials and ultrafast nanoplasmonics. Ortwin will be teaching on the quantum material science module, exploring the role of quantum materials and quantum nano- photonics.


Dr. Alessandro Lunghi

Alessandros research focuses on the development of a computational strategy, based on first-principles simulations and machine learning, to understand and predict the mechanism of spin relaxation and decoherence in real materials. His work has the final goal to deliver a quantitative picture of these complex phenomena and exploit this information to design new quantum systems based on molecular and solid-state spins. Alessandro will lecture on the theory behind core applications of quantu


Ms Màiri Gardner

Course Administrator

As a member of the course team for the MSc in Quantum Science and Technology, and as a project manager for the Thermodynamics and Energetics of Quantum Systems Group in the School of Physics, Màiri works in a role supporting both students and academics. She has a broad background in science, research and education from Edinburgh University, University College of Cork, and Oxford University, and teaching the International Baccalaureate at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy.


Dr. Mark Mitchison

Mark obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Leeds in 2011 and his PhD from Imperial College London in 2016. He then carried out postdoctoral research for two years at the University of Ulm, before joining Trinity College Dublin as a Research Fellow in 2018. His research aims to exploit open quantum systems as efficient sensors, energy-harvesting devices, and probes of complex many-body phenomena. This programme encompasses mesoscopic and atomic physics, quantum optics, non-equi


Dr. Felix Binder

Felix did his undergraduate studies at LMU Munich and the University of Oxford. He then moved as a Rhodes Scholar to the University of Oxford where he received his DPhil working in Vlatko Vedral’s group in 2016. He then moved as a research fellow to NTU Singapore (2016-2019) and is currently working as an ESQ Fellow at IQOQI Vienna. Felix research interest span complexity science, quantum information and thermodynamics of quantum processes.