Our X-Ray Photoelectron Spectrometer (XPS) is an important tool for surface analysis.

XPS/UPS Omicron MultiProbeXP

  • Analysis Chamber
    • Single wavelength (1486.6eV) x-ray source
    • EA 125 U5 hemispherical analyser with an XM 1000 monochromator
    • CN 10 charge neutralizer
    • HIS 13 VUV source for UPS (He I, He II wavelengths)
  • Preparation Chamber
    • 4-grid SPECTA LEED
    • ISE 5 Sputtering Source (Argon)
    • FOCUS GmbH E-beam Evaporator: EFM 3T (Triple Pocket Evaporator)
    • FOCUS GmbH E-beam Evaporator: EFM 3 (Single Pocket Evaporator)
    • SPECS GmbH Differentially pumped Mini Plasma Hyrbid (Ion Beam and Atom Mode) Source-ECR (Oxygen)
      (more info on SPECS website here)