QUSYS Group win European Research Council Proof of Concept grant

QUSYS Group group led by Professor John Goold will test, develop, and find market opportunities for a new soil fertility monitoring and forecasting method based on the statistical physics of disordered systems. This early warning and large-scale survey of soil degradation offers a climate change adaptation tool for farmers, agricultural organisations and land use planners.

08 Feb 2022

Dr Francesca PietracaprinaProfessor Goold said: “This grant concerns a highly novel application of statistical physics to address one of the most pressing issues of our times – climate-induced land change. The project is the vision of Dr Francesca Pietracaprina, a Marie Curie Fellow in my group at Trinity, and  an expert in complex disordered quantum systems. She had the highly innovative idea to apply state of the art statistical physics tools to time series data of satellite images. She hopes to identify large regions of land in these images that are under threat of desertification due to climate change, which would be particularly useful for the agricultural economy.”

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