Dr Hongzhou Zhang research project funded in the latest round of funding from Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)

Project title: Controllable Resistive Switching in Two-dimensional Molybdenum Disulphide via Site-specific Helium Ion Irradiation

08 Jun 2022

Breakthroughs in fabrication technologies have enabled profound advancements in the natural sciences and have been empowering modern industry. Mirroring these breakthroughs, this proposal aims to develop a novel method for ultimate material modification with unprecedented precision and controllability and expand the fundamental knowledge of emerging functional nanomaterials. It helps us to revolutionise device prototyping and demonstrate a new memory switch for making smaller, faster and more energy-efficient computer chips, leading to a myriad of other technologies in the future. This proposal will hence support the sustainability and innovation of Ireland’s industries and enhance the local economy.