Postgraduate Seminars - School of Physics / CRANN

Most of the taught elements of our PhD program are concentrated in the first two years. Before confirmation on/transferring from the MSc to the PhD register, students must have successfully completed their ECTS course requirements. Attendance at the Seminar Series is also required.

Hilary term 2014

Michael Walther: “A micro-cantilever based sensing platform for malaria vaccine efficacy tests”
Xia Zhang: “Förster resonance energy transfer –An Extended spectroscopic nanoruler”
When: 12pm, Friday, 10th January 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Martin Duignan: “Few-atom wide capped nanowire arrays of Cobalt” Link to Abstract
Paul Dawson: "Clean And Clear –A New Sample Of Brown Dwarfs In Upper Scorpius" Link to abstract
When: 12pm, Friday, 17th January 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Kyle Ballantine: “There’s more than one way to spin a photon: quantised fractional angular momentum of light.” Link to Abstract
Nigel Carroll: "Magnetic nanowires detection with yoke-shaped magnetoresistive sensors; towards a magnetic cytometer" link to abstract.
When: 12pm, Friday, 24th January 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Ronan Darcy: "Conical diffraction: Hamilton's diabolical point illuminated" – link to abstract
Rachael Ainsworth: “Young, Solar-like Stars at Low Frequencies” – link to abstract
When: 12pm, Friday, 7th February 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Azat Abdullaev: Single-mode semiconductor laser with high order surface gratings – link to abstract
Thomas A. Higgins: Percolation effects in electrochemical systems involving nanostructured electrodes – link to Abstract.
When: 12pm, Friday, 28th February 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

:Amaury de Souza: “Molecular electronics: a computational approach”  – link to abstract
Olzat Toktarbaiuly: “Electromigration of atoms on vicinal surfaces at high temperatures" – link to abstract
When: 12pm, Friday, 7th March 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Luke Higgins: "Controlling Light in a Hybrid Quantum Well - Metal Nanoparticle - Quantum Dot system".  Link to Abstract
Thomas A. Higgins: “Percolation effects in electrochemical systems involving nanostructured electrodes”  Link to Abstract
When: 12pm, Friday, 21st March 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Vasileios Karanikolas: Spontaneous Emission and Energy Transfer Rates Near Metal Nanostructures  - link to Abstract.
When: 12pm, Friday, 4th April 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Oral Ualibek: Tuning of self-assembled plasmonic nanoparticle arrays for optical applications
Graham Murphy: “High Efficiency Light Emitting/Harvesting Structures”
When: 12pm, Friday, 11th April 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

Soumya Banerjee: “Structure and optical properties of reconstructed Si and Ge surfaces” – link to Abstract
Askar Syrlybekov: “Step-induced defects in thin films and the effect on their electrical and magnetic properties” – link to Abstract
When: 12pm, Friday, 25th April 2014
Where: Schrödinger Theatre

For further information on School of Physics / CRANN Postgraduate Seminars contact:

  • Prof. Louise Bradley,
    Director of Graduate Studies,
    School of Physics,
    Trinity College,
    Dublin 2, Ireland.
    Phone: +353-1-896 3695