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Research Areas

Scan-distortion & Hysteresis Diagnosis and Correction

Modern electron microscopes are able to deliver deep sub-angstrom resolution, however in scanned systems the precision in positioning of the electron probe becomes increasingly important. The group researches methods to observe, diagnose and compensate errors in probe-scanning to deliver images with the highest possible precision.

STEM Imaging using Ultra-sensitive Electron Counting Sensors

Electron counting sensors represent the ultimate in detection efficiciency but come at a high cost (around €250k). This research activity in the group aims ot evaluate methods to reduce the cost of electron counting technology to make such high-performance imaging available to the wider research community.

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Objective-lens Performance Assesment

The objective-lens in an electron microscope dictates many of it's fundamental operating performances. This research activity aims to evaluate current performance in these sytems and to lay the groundwork for possible future 3D-printing of microscope components.