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Quantum Information Theory Group

We are a theory group investigating the intersection of quantum information theory, thermodynamics, and complexity. We are particularly interested in the role of thermodynamic and informational resources – such as spatial or temporal correlations – for modelling and controlling quantum systems evolving in time and in what can be learned about complex processes from observation.

Group members

Joining soon: Dr. Alec Boyd (currently Caltech), Dr. Simon Milz (currently IQOQI Vienna)

Join us

We are currently recruiting two PhD students to join us in September 2022. Applications should be sent by e-mail. The group is committed to fostering an inclusive environment and a diverse team. Candidates of backgrounds currently underrepresented in physics are particularly encouraged to apply.

Excellent candidates interested in pursuing postdoctoral research in our group are encouraged to get in contact to discuss opportunities for a postdoctoral fellowship.

We are expanding: PhD and postdoc positions available!


Our publications can be found on the arXiv and on Google Scholar.