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Foams & Complex Systems Group

Our research concerns the physics of foams, general packing problems, and topics in econo- and sociophysics.


Award for Kym Cox
4th International Conference on Packing Problems
Physics World: Scutoid cells discovered in soap bubbles
Soap and scutoids
Zero Waste Performance
Analysis of Zero Waste Performance

Ten most recent publications

  1. Winkelmann J, Mughal A Williams DB, Weaire D, Hutzler S (2019), Theory of rotational columnar structures of soft spheres, Rapid Comm Phys Rev E 99 020602(R)
  2. Burke SR, Möbius ME, Hjelt T, Hutzler S (2019), Properties of lightweight fibrous structures made by a novel foam forming technique, Cellulose 4 2529-2539
  3. Richmond P, Roehner BM, Wang Q-h (2019), The physics of large-scale food crises, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 522 274-293
  4. Höhler E, Weaire D (2019), Can liquid foams and emulsions be modeled as packings of soft elastic particles?, Adv. Colloid Interface Sci. 263 19-37
  5. Whyte D, Didkovsky N, Hutzler S (2018), Zero Waste: Mapping the Evolution of the Iterative Sight-Reading of a Piano Score, Music Theory Spectrum 40 302-313
  6. Mughal A, Winkelmann J, Weaire D, Hutzler S (2018), Columnar structures of soft spheres: Metastability and hysteresis, Phys Rev E 98 043303
  7. Drenckhan W, Hutzler S (2018), Chapter 16: The Structure of Liquid Foams in Foam Film and Foams: Fundamentals and Applications, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group 295--308
  8. Cox S, Kraynik AM, Weaire D, Hutzler S (2018), Ideal wet two-dimensional foams and emulsions with finite contact angle, Soft Matter 14 5922--5929
  9. Boland CS, Khan U, Binions M, Barwich S, Boland JB, Weaire D, Coleman JN (2018), Graphene-coated polymer foams as tuneable impact sensors, Nanoscale 10 5366
  10. Li R, Richmond P, Roehner BM (2018), Effect of population density on epidemics, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 510 713-724
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Selection of Books

Tomás Saraceno: Cloud — Specific by Meredith Malone.

This book includes an interview with Denis Weaire and many images of foam structures taken by the group
View on Amazon

Bibliometrics: Use and Abuse in the Review of Research Performance by Denis Weaire et al.

View on Portland Press

Special Issue of Philosophical Magazine: International Workshop on Packing Problems edited by Stefan Hutzler.

View on Taylor & Francis Online

Econophysics and Physical Economics by Peter Richmond, Jürgen Mimkes & Stefan Hutzler published by Oxford University Press.

View on Oxford University Press

A Collection of Papers Presented at the 11th Eufoam Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 3-6 July, 2016, edited by Stefan Hutzler, Matthias Möbius, Slavka Tcholakova and Florence Elias.

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