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Hutchie: The Life and Works of Edward Hutchinson Synge (1890-1957)

by J.F. Donegan (Editor), D. Weaire (Editor), P. Florides (Editor)

Paperback: 154 pages
Publisher: Living Edition
Price: €25.00 (+P&P)

Edward Hutchinson Synge was a tragic genius. Hiding himself away in Dublin, in a manner that would today be categorised as Asperger Syndrome, he pursued private study in physics, despite little formal education in the subject. His conceptual inventions include the scanning optical microscope, realised nearly half a century later as an instrument in nanotechnology. He published this, thanks to the encouragement of Albert Einstein, with whom he corresponded. Probably much else is lost. He was a nephew of John Millington Synge, whose bequest enabled him to live in isolation for most of his life. This book gives a full account of all that is known about him, and reproduces his scientific publications.