Art & Architecture

kym cox bubbles

Kym Cox's world of bubbles

The work of the group's artist and photographer Kym Cox and her exhibition at the Magic Gallery in London, July 2016 (Trinity News).

Bejing olympic pool

Foam at the Beijing Olympics

Read more about the Beijing National Aquatic Centre here.

durham photographer foams image

Photographers' views of soap bubbles

See the work of Tim Durham & Michael Boran.

pendant image


Collaborations with goldsmith Dougal Hazel.

Ideal Foam (Weaire–Phelan structure) - Foam Leaves (foam confined in cylinder) - Rapollonius (Rotational Random Apollonian Packing, see PRL paper).

weire phelan art australia

Weaire–Phelan art

Artist Andy Hamiliton's view of the Weaire–Phelan structure.

space settlement book cover

Weaire-Phelan structure as space settlement architecture?

Alexandru Pintea, a 10-th year high-school student from Romania, was awarded the Grade 10 first prize in the NASA Ames Space settlement Contest 2017 for suggesting the Weaire-Phelan structure as a smart modular space settlement.

foams aerial

Aerial cirque

Aerial performer Ria Murphy created two shows inspired by our work

Black pitch pitch black. (Bergin SD, Weaire D, Hutzler S (2014), The drop heard round the World, Physics World, May 2014, 26-29, The Useless Trinity Experiment (online), University Times (March 13, 2018) )

ARC. (Hutzler S, Delaney G, Weaire D and MacLeod F (2004), Rocking Newton's cradle, Am. J. Phys., 72 (12): 1508-1516.)