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How to set up the Wi-Fi security certificate on relevant Android phones

The below steps detail how to download, install and configure the security certificate needed for connecting to one of the following Wi-Fi networks:

Wi-Fi name Purpose
TCDwireless Wi-Fi for Staff
TCDwifi Wi-Fi for Students as well as the Staff 'Internet Connect' service
eduroam Wi-Fi for Trinity staff and students visiting other institutions

Steps to set up the Wi-Fi security certificate

  1. Download the Wi-Fi security certificate to your phone
    • You will be prompted to enter your College username and password when clicking on the download link
  2. Once downloaded, launch the Settings app and search for Install a certificate
  3. Select Install a certificate and select the certificate you have just downloaded
  4. Give the certificate the name TCDwificert
  5. You should receive a message that the certificate has installed successfully
  6. Launch the Settings app once more and under the Wireless and Networks section, choose Wi-Fi
  7. From the list of available networks, choose the Wi-Fi network you are trying to connect to e.g. TCDwireless, TCDwifi or eduroam
  8. For Identity enter your College username in the form 'jbloggs' and not ''
  9. For Password, enter your Network login password
  10. For CA Certificate, select the newly installed certificate, TCDwificert
  11. If there is an option for Online certificate status, select Don’t validate
  12. If there is an option for Domain, enter
  13. Under Advanced, for Phase-2 authentication ensure MSCHAPV2 is selected, and set MAC address type to Phone MAC
  14. Click Save