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Subject Librarians

Subject Librarians are the key links between Trinity’s academic activities and the Library. Every School or Subject has a designated Subject Librarian - see the A-Z list in the menu.

Subject Librarians work closely with their academic colleagues to provide the information needed for research, teaching and learning. A range of services is offered by Subject Librarians, including:

  • Developing collections of Library materials, online and printed
  • Providing advice on Library resources for researchers and students
  • Organising and providing training courses and programmes on a wide range of general and individual Library materials and services
  • Liaising with Schools and Directors of Teaching and Learning ensuring that academic programmes are coordinated with Library support
  • Liaising with all their Library colleagues to provide an integrated Library service

Subject Librarians and Undergraduates

Subject Librarians:

  • Provide essential and core resource suggestions on their individual websites
  • Will help in finding books on your reading lists
  • Assist in locating material for your assignment, essay or other research
  • Give training on a range of information skills, including using the Library catalogue, how to cite references and avoid plagiarism, database searching, evaluating information, and EndNote
  • Offer one-to-one advice on any aspect of using the Library’s services and materials

Please contact a Subject Librarians about:

  • Books that don’t seem to be in the Library catalogue or on the shelves
  • Course work that you don’t know where to start on
  • Frustrations that you have when using the Library
  • Times you find the Library useful!

Subject Librarians and Postgraduates and Researchers

See also: Support for Research

Subject Librarians, in addition to the services listed for undergraduates, can:

  • Help you with selecting research topics and projects that are well supported by Library materials
  • Keep you up to date with finding information resources for your research
  • Show you how to measure the impact of your research
  • Help you with publishing and disseminating your research

Please contact a Subject Librarian about:

  • Resources that you find useful in your research that we could share or make easier to use
  • Why you selected your research topic
  • What is best and worst about the Library for you

Subject Librarians and Teaching Staff

See also: Support for Teaching

Please contact the Subject Librarians about:

  • Courses you are running or planning to introduce so we have the necessary student materials in place on time
  • Ordering printed or electronic titles for your subject area
  • Refresher courses on using the Library’s electronic resources
  • Keeping up to date with finding information resources for your teaching and research
  • Information skills training for your students. We teach on a variety of topics (see this link for some sample topics). We can come to your class or we can offer a training room in the Library
  • Measuring the impact of your research
  • Training in the use of EndNote

Subject Librarians would like to hear about:

  • Course work requiring Library resources – perhaps we could give just in time training?
  • Resources that you find useful that we could share or make easier to use
  • Your wish list for Library resources and services