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Theology and Ecclesiastical History

Das Alte Testament Deutsch, M. Luther, Wittemberg

Titlepage of Luther’s Das Alte Testament Deutsch, Wittemberg, 1524. D.dd.24

Christian theology has been studied in Trinity College Dublin from its foundation. Particular strengths include:

  • Thousands of printed bibles in a variety of languages, including several incunabula
  • The early German reformation: some 1200 contemporary pamphlets and first editions of M. Luther’s translations of the Old and New Testaments
  • 17th-century Roman Catholic and Protestant controversial theology
  • A wide range of 17th-century French theology
  • A superb collection of 18th-century Anglican sermons, though Presbyterian, Quaker, and Methodist material is less well represented
  • Massively strong holdings in 19th-century Anglican works
  • An extensive range of 19th-century non-Conformist tracts