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Trinity College Dublin

edepositIreland ... register to deposit

To become an edepositIreland depositor please read the depositor terms and conditions and then email or telephone our Accessions Department with the information outlined below.

Trish Quigley,

Accessions Librarian

Trinity College Library

Tel. Dublin (01) 8961021



Depositor Terms and Conditions

Registration information

  • Organisation name
  • Organisation address
  • Name of depositor [person/s submitting publications on behalf of the Organisation]
  • Depositor’s email address
  • Depositor’s phone number

Estimate of publications per annum

  • Less than 50
  • From 50-100
  • More than 100

Collection set-up

  • Name of Collection
  • Email logo and any introductory text you would like on your collection homepage to the edepositIreland administrator Niamh Harte at
  • Do you require any sub-collections to hold and series/ journal issues/ newsletters? Advantages of series sub collections: Easier to browse as the series is kept together and we can prepopulate the series template with any repeating data to save you time

Following on from your registration phone call, we will set up your collection to your specifications.  Your email address will be your username, and your password will be assigned and sent to you by email. 

Then login and have a go at depositing some documents. Don’t worry, each submission is checked by our cataloguers before making it publicly available!

Later on, if you would like to make changes to your collection set-up such as new sub-collections, change of logo, introductory text, pre-populated data in the deposit form or new submitters please email the edepositIreland administrator at

We look forward to working with you.