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Finding Theses

Discover postgraduate research theses from Trinity College Dublin and other institutions.

Trinity College Dublin Theses

Trinity College Dublin research theses can be found using Stella Search and refining your search results by selecting the format ‘TCD Thesis’ for print theses, or ‘TCD E-Thesis’ for electronic theses, or by limiting results to the Library Collection ‘TCD Theses’ for both. You can also use the Classic Catalogue and pre-select the TCD Thesis collection.

All print theses held by the Library are in storage. Students, staff and visiting readers should use the Click and Collect system to request them.

Note: Trinity College Dublin theses cannot be borrowed and must be read in the Berkeley/Lecky/Ussher (BLU) Libraries.

Taught Masters dissertations awarded post-2004/5 are not held by the Library in print format, but some are available electronically due to authors kindly donating the PDF of their thesis.

Undergraduate dissertations are not held by the Library.


Occasionally a thesis will appear in the Online Catalogue with a "stay" (embargo) on it, meaning it cannot be requested or viewed. This temporary (usually between one and five year) restriction is made by the Graduate Studies Office on behalf of the author. E-theses may also have some restrictions applied. Most are open-access, but a small number have a temporary embargo or are available to Trinity logins only.

Thesis Digitisation Project 2018

The Library has been working to digitise Ph.D. theses from the years 2000-2015. E-theses are archived and made available from Trinity’s institutional repository TARA, alongside new theses which are now submitted electronically.

Phase 1 was undertaken during 2016/2017. Two thousand theses were scanned and the majority are now available online via TARA or via records in the Library catalogue.

Phase 2 was undertaken during 2017/2018. Almost one thousand further theses were scanned from 2000-2008. Work is now underway to prepare the records and files for upload to TARA.

In Phase 3 the remaining 752 theses from 2009-2015 will be scanned late in 2018, to be uploaded in 2019. The selected theses will be located offsite for scanning, but will still be retrievable for consultation using the Storage Request button in the catalogue.

Notice for Graduates on Thesis Digitisation

List of Ph.D. theses (from 2009-2015) selected for scanning in 2018

Authors - if you require some restrictions on access to the electronic copy of your thesis, or to opt-out of digitisation then please get in touch straight away to discuss the options. Print theses with an active stay/embargo will be scanned but the e-thesis version will not be made available until the embargo has expired.

Thesis Digitisation Project 2019

Ph.D. Graduates 2016/2017, and most-requested theses and dissertations pre-2000

Phase 4 will focus on Ph.D. theses from 2016-2017 (pre e-thesis system). All authors will have signed a thesis declaration which states:

"I agree to deposit this thesis in the University's open access institutional repository or allow the Library to do so on my behalf, subject to Irish Copyright Legislation and Trinity College Library conditions of use and acknowledgment."

The Library has written to 2016/2017 Ph.D. graduates to request the pdf of their thesis. Any not received will be scanned in 2019.

We are also scanning the most-requested theses (all awards) pre-2000. There are 73 on this list. We aim to protect them by reducing the handling of these important unique items.

List of Ph.D. theses 2016-2017, and most-requested theses pre-2000

All enquiries on digitisation, embargo/opt-out/take-down requests and thesis donations - please contact Niamh Harte at:

Theses from Other Institutions

Many universities are digitising their research output and making it freely available via their institutional repository – check their Library/University website for information.

British and Irish theses, including Trinity College Dublin theses, are indexed in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses: UK & Ireland.

North American and some European (including some Irish and British) theses are indexed in ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I.

If a thesis is not available freely online contact the Library’s Inter-Library Loan Office.

Irish Theses

British Theses

    • Register at the site to search and download items
    • UK theses are free to download after requested once and digitised
    • For others use Inter-Library Loan to obtain at subsidised cost

European Theses

  • Browse DART-Europe for the discovery of European electronic theses (including Trinity College Dublin e-theses)