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Charges from January 2013

All charges are exclusive of VAT.

The total sum for each request, such as borrowing books, scanning articles, etc., is costed. The total is then deducted from a client's annual subscription. Clients may submit any combination of requests up to the limit of their annual subscription.

Annual Subscription

Includes one Reader's Ticket in name of client Librarian or nominee
Heavy users €2,000
Light users €1,000


Book Loan €25 per book
Renewal of Book Loan €10 per book
Overdue Fine €25 per book if not returned after reminder letter sent

Photocopying of Articles

1 to 10 pages €15
11 to 20 pages €20
21 to 40 pages €30

Photocopying and Scanning Articles

1 to 10 pages €20
11 to 20 pages €25
21 to 40 pages €30

Other Charges

Additional Reader's Ticket €100 (Number of tickets limited)
Subject query €40 per 20 minutes
Query yielding no result €10 per query
Scanning - when photocopying is not possible €2 per page minimum charge €20
Post €15 for 1-3 books by registered parcel; €5 for each additional book; €5 per package of articles
Replacement of lost book €200 fine plus replacement cost of book
Other service On request
Statement of usage €50 each
Unused subscription Balance forfeited at year end

Non-Subscriber Charges

Cost per hour €120
Minimum Charge €50

These can be made via the PayPal form below, using a credit or debit card.

Enter the supplied reference number and the name of the user to credit, and click Add to Cart. On the PayPal page use Quantity to tally up to the amount you want to pay in multiples of one Euro - for example, to pay off €200, set the quantity to 200 (you can type this in). You will see the payment amount change to reflect this. You can use a pre-existing PayPal account or make a one-off payment by credit or debit card.

Reference Number
Customer Name