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Hello and welcome as a new depositor to edepositIreland

This guide will help you get up and running.  We’ve designed the deposit process to be as straightforward as possible.  Once you have received your password from the administrator you are ready to begin depositing your publications.

Start at the homepage

Click login on the top right hand side

home page

Choose a login method: Enter edepositIreland Username and Password

Enter your E-Mail Address and Password and click Sign In

You will now see the homepage again, but you will see your name on the top right of the screen
Now click on Submit and Select a collection to deposit into

select collection

Select a collection from the drop down list by clicking on it. 

You will only see the collections you are able to submit to. You may only have one option as depicted above; or multiple collections if you have requested them to be set up.

item submission

You are now on the Item submission screen where we ask you to enter some information describing your publication.
The form is designed to accommodate information about many types of publications - from journal articles and reports to presentations and images, so there will always be some parts of the form that won’t be applicable to your submission.

There are just three compulsory parts (indicated by an asterisk *) to the form … but feel free to put in as much detail elsewhere as you wish. 

  • Year of publication*
  • Title*
  • Document type* (choose from a list of types)

Let’s get started ...


Insert the name of the author/contributor. The Add button allows you to add more than one author name.  If you have many author/contributor names you do not need to add them all, just the most significant or first named.

When you click Add, the first entry will vacate the boxes and display below, enabling you to type a second entry.


If you wish to remove the entry -tick the box beside the name and click Remove.

If you wish to retain the entry please leave this box Unticked

corporate author

Insert any corporate/company author names, and click Add if you wish to add more than one name.


If you are submitting grant funded research, please insert the name of the funder and the grant number.

rights holder

Insert the rights holder name (individual or corporate)


Insert the publisher’s name.

country of publication

The default country of publication is Ireland, but you can use the dropdown list to change the country where appropriate.

date of publication

Year of publication is compulsory, month and day are optional.


Title is compulsory.  Please transcribe (or copy & paste) the title (and any subtitle) as it appears on your publication.

other title

Other title: insert any other versions of the title.  Note: You may submit multiple documents to the same record, such as the English and Irish versions of a publication.  Use this field to capture the translation of the title.


Transcribe the edition statement from the publication where appropriate.


Highlight the language/s of your publication.  If there is more than one, hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and select the other languages.  If you are submitting both the English and Irish language versions of a publication and attaching them to the same record, then highlight both languages.

document type

Document type is compulsory.  Choose a type from the drop down list that best fits your publication.


Add in any identification codes for your publication.  If you have a local identification scheme, then choose identifier from the drop down list and add in your free text identifier in the box on the right.  You can choose to Add more if applicable.


Insert subject keyword/s.  If you choose to Add more, they will list below the keyword box. Subject keywords are used to describe the subject matter of your publication.  This helps readers find your document in an advanced subject search or subject browse.  Note: the full text of your document is also searchable using the search box.


If your publication is part of a series you can insert the title and any other free text identification, such as volume, issue/number and date.


This field captures the relationships between this publication and other publications.  You may wish to show that this publication replaces an earlier version.  Choose Replaces from the drop down box and insert a citation of the publication it replaces in the box.  Other options are Related to and Is a version of.
Citation example: Smith, Mary. Science Education. Dublin: Trinity College Dublin, 2013.


You may use this box to copy and paste in a description/ note/ abstract/ table of contents of your publication.


Please submit any queries to our cataloguers using this box.  The content will be removed before the record is made visible to the public.

When you are finished click Next

upload file

browse button

Upload your document by clicking Browse and finding the document on your computer. You may add multiple files to one record where appropriate.

In the Select Description box Published (publisher’s copy) is the default for edepositIreland content.

When you are finished click Next

access rights

The default for edepositIreland content is Open Access.  If for some reason you wish to hide the document for a particular period of time before making it open access, chose Embargoed Access and a calendar will appear for you to select the reveal date.
When you are finished click Next


The review screen gives you the chance to have a quick check over the submission and make any changes.
When you are finished click Next


And finally, review the distribution and use licence and tick the box at the bottom of the screen.

grant the licence

And Complete Submission

Your submission is now complete. A librarian will check your submission and approve it.  Once it is approved it is visible to the public (unless you have set up an embargo time limit).  You will receive an automated e-mail with the URL/handle of your document in the repository.

After you have completed your submission you can:

Choose to continue and submit another item to the same collection
Or click on Submit at the top of the screen if you wish to submit an item to a different collection
Or go back to the Submissions page/Workspace where you can view the progress of your submitted documents in the workflow
Or search/browse our collections

Many thanks for depositing your publications!

Any more questions about depositing items? Contact Niamh Harte at