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Penalties & Fines

From 10 September 2018

Readers can borrow, request and recall items if their accounts are in good standing. An account is not in good standing if:

  • A student has outstanding fines of more than €20
  • Borrowed items are more than two days overdue
  • Borrowed items are overdue and have been recalled

In these cases, fines must be brought below €20 and overdue items returned in order to return to good standing.

Standard Fines

These apply to overdue General Lending and Legal Deposit items borrowed by students.

€0.50 per item, per day

Fines on Recalled Items

These apply to overdue General Lending and Legal Deposit items borrowed by students, that are required by other readers.

€1.00 per item, per day

Short Loan Fines

These apply to overdue Short Loan items borrowed by students.

€1.50 per item, per hour

Laptop Loan Fines

These apply to overdue laptops borrowed by students.

€1.50 per item, per hour

Lost Items

All readers are fined when an item is lost.

  • Price of item plus administration charge of €50

  • Readers should not obtain a replacement copy themselves

  • Until the Library is notified, lost overdue books will incur late fines

  • Contact Counter Supervisor at a Service Counter to arrange payment

Graduating with Fines

  • Students with College debts or overdue books will not have their degrees conferred

  • Those attempting to graduate with outstanding fines or overdue books will be sent a “Proctor's Letter” and charged an additional administration fee of €25

Sick Certificates

Students who have incurred fines through illness may have all or part of them waived on production of a signed sickness certificate from a registered medical practitioner. Only the period covered by the certificate will be waived. Contact the Counter Supervisor at the relevant Service Counter for details.

Unless a sickness certificate is obtained and produced, fines will stand and will not be waived.

Paying Fines

Fines can be paid in person at a Service Counter or online.

  • Cash
  • Cheque made payable to "TCD Number 1 Account"
  • Credit or debit card for fines of €15 and above via the Making a Payment page. Note, these payments are not instant; for instant payments, and for smaller amounts, use the TCard system.

Library fines can also be paid using TCard, by using the self-service fine payment stations located at the following locations, adjacent to FastLane machines:

  • Berkeley Library, 1st Floor
  • Lecky Library, Upper Level
  • Hamilton Library, Lower Level
  • John Stearne Medical Library

The fine payment is automatically recorded against the reader’s Library Account. Payment of fines at Library Service Counters using TCard is not currently supported.