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Laptop Loans Service

The Library provides a self-service laptop loans unit in the Berkeley Library Basement to enable staff and students to borrow laptops for use in the Berkeley/Lecky/Ussher Libraries. Each device has wireless internet access and comes equipped with a suite of office applications to facilitate work on assignments.

To borrow a laptop, select “Borrow” on the touchscreen, scan your TCD ID card and follow the onscreen instructions. Laptops can be borrowed free of charge for up to three hours. To return a device, select “Return” on the touchscreen, scan your ID card and place the laptop in the appropriate locker. Laptops must be plugged in when returned to the locker. If a laptop is not plugged back in correctly, it will remain on your account and you will start to accrue fines.

It is important when using Library laptops to regularly save any files being worked on to a USB stick or cloud storage drive. If the laptop is switched off or loses power, all files will be wiped from the device. The Library cannot be held responsible for data loss or damage to files.

If you require any assistance, please contact a staff member at the main service counter on the ground floor of the Berkeley Library. 

Rules and Requirements

  • You must use a valid TCD staff/student ID card to borrow and return a laptop
  • Only one device can be issued per transaction and you must return a previously borrowed laptop before another can be issued
  • Laptops can be borrowed for up to 3 hours per transaction
  • There is no charge for borrowing a laptop but charges will apply for the loss, theft, damage or late return of devices (see below for more detail)
  • You must shutdown the laptop before returning it (simply closing the screen is not sufficient)
  • Laptops must not be taken out of the Berkeley/Lecky/Ussher Libraries. Each device is security tagged and will trigger the gate alarm if removed from the building
  • Responsibility for the laptop lies with the staff member or student who borrows it. Under no circumstances should laptops be left unattended or loaned to another Library user
  • Use of Library laptops is governed by:

Fines and Charges

Fine for late return

€1.50 per hour (Library accounts will be blocked two hours after the initial due time preventing further borrowing of any Library materials)

Charge for laptop repairs

€50 minimum, rising as appropriate

Charge for laptops returned in an un-repairable condition (as specified by a third party supplier)


Charge for lost or stolen laptops