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The World Wars

MS 11007: J.J. Abraham's dress medals

MS 11007: J.J. Abraham's dress medals

World War I

Letters written by soldiers include:

  • MS 11274: letters from Patrick Hone, the father of the author Leland Bardwell, in France between 1915-1921
  • Courtown P/48-50: the sons of the 6th Earl of Courtown wrote home while serving as naval and army officers
  • MS 11327: postcards written in German from Paul Zimmerman to a family member in Hamburg between 1913-1918
  • MS 11175: James Gerard (Jim) McCourt of the Royal Scots Greys 2nd Dragoons who wrote while stationed in Palestine, Syria and North Africa
  • MS 10247: contains the letters of Charles Wynne, killed in action 1917, and of Veronica Wynne and Winifred Wynne who worked in the Censor’s Office in London during WWI

Soldiers’ diaries and notebooks include:

  • MSS 3414-3421: Captain Stanley C.B. Mundey, 43rd Light Infantry, who was imprisoned by the Turks after the siege of Kut in Iraq. His collection consists of war diaries, sketches of military manoeuvres, photographs, and maps
  • MSS 10514-10519, 10472-10484: Richard William George Hingston
  • MS11007: J.J. Abraham served as a military surgeon on bases in East Africa, Pakistan, Iraq and Serbia
  • MS 7842/1-18: Robert Erskine Childers (1870-1922), the Irish Nationalist, was a naval officer during World War I. His officer’s notebooks contain details of naval armaments, sketches of German warships and internal memos relating to military manoeuvres
  • MS 11299: Erskine Childers’ naval intelligence officer’s notebook

World War II

  • MS 10066/360-394: the papers of playwright Denis Johnston who was a war correspondent with the American forces
  • MS 10408: the James Stephens papers consist of letters from family and friends giving their opinions on the war
  • TCD MS 11113: a diary which has been attributed to Rev. Thomas, a Church of Ireland rector from Co. Cork, expressing pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic sentiments


Catalogues for individual collections are available in the reading room of Manuscripts & Archives.