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United Kingdom

The Library collects most government publications of the United Kingdom, including the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Publications from 2009/2010 are integrated in the main library collections. The dedicated OPUB GB collection (to 2009/2010) is spread across the Santry book repository (generally up to publication year 1967) and external storage (generally publication years 1968-2009), all available via Stella Search and the Classic Catalogue.
Most of the House of Commons Sessional Papers before 2010 are not listed individually in the catalogues. They can be found in the full-text online archive House of Commons Parliamentary Papers.
Some published guides include:

  • Subject catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers 1801-1900
  • British Parliamentary Papers: general index (1801-1899)
  • General index to Parliamentary Papers 1900-1949; and decennially thereafter
  • HMSO and TSO printed catalogues, on the web for 1980 onwards in UKOP
  • Official publications in Britain. 2nd ed. 1991.
  • Directory of British official publications: a guide to sources. 2nd ed. 1984.
  • A guide to British government publications. 1980.
  • British official publications. 2nd rev. ed. 1973.
  • Guide to the records of Parliament. 1971.
  • British government publications: an index to chairmen and authors (4 vols covering 1800-1982), followed by Committee reports published by HMSO indexed by Chairman and Index to chairmen: reports of official committees.