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Useful Websites

Official Publications, United Kingdom

BSOL (subscription database): British Standards Online is the authoritative and most current source of standards from BSI. British Standards Online delivers information from more than 45,000 publications to your desktop. The database includes current, draft and withdrawn document records.

House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (subscription database): This online database provides a search interface and access to 184,000 parliamentary papers published between 1801 and 2000 and the 4,000 papers published from each parliamentary session since 2000.  HCPP includes digital versions of the sessional papers.  Content includes 19th century (1801-1900), 20th century (1901-2013/04 session) and current (2004/05 session onwards).

UK Official Publications is an official catalogue of UK official publications.  It combines the official catalogue of The Stationery Office with the Catalogue of Official Publications Not Published by the Stationery Office and provides and index of titles published with accompanying abstracts. The main UK Government web portal, providing information for the citizen and hosting the corporate websites of most departments and agencies.

Documents on British Policy Overseas: This collection gathers together tens of thousands of UK Government documents relating to 20th century British foreign policy, includes letters, memos, business reports, and more. These primary source materials have been selected by the official historians of Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and, in many cases, have been declassified at their request for inclusion in this series.

Northern Ireland: a divided community, 1921-1972. Cabinet Papers of the Stormont Administration (subscription database): This resource provides electronic access to Cabinet Conclusions files from the British Administration in Northern Ireland 1921-72.

The Dublin Castle Records 1798-1926. The Dublin Castle administration in Ireland was the government of Ireland under English and later British rule, from the twelfth century until 1922, based at Dublin Castle. Dublin Castle Records, 1798-1926 contains records of the British administration in Ireland prior to 1922, a crucial period which saw the rise of Parnell and the Land War in 1880 through to the establishment of the Irish Free State in 1921.

Northern Ireland Official Publications Archive (NIOPA)
In this open access repository, the Library at Queen’s University, Belfast collects digital documents from Northern Irish government departments, agencies, the Assembly and other official bodies.


OECD iLibrary (subscription database): OECD’s Online Library provides access to all OECD books, reports, annuals, working papers, loose-leaf binders, journals and databases.

International Statistical Yearbook: The International Statistical Yearbook is a collection of economic databases from various national and international sources, including OECD. It is updated once per year, and includes 1,800,000+ monthly, quarterly and annual time series.

European Documentation

Europa is an online portal to EU documentation, from legal texts to historical records, the latest EU-wide surveys and opinion polls.

Europa Publications: An overview of EU publications, reports, statistics and EU libraries. Europa provides access to the register of documents of the EU institutions for all official EU documents.

EUR-lex: The database covers many types of texts produced mostly by the institutions of the European Union, but also by Member States, EFTA, etc.  The content is divided into sectors including Treaties, National Agreements, Legislation (including complementary legislation, preparatory acts and case law), National Implementation measures, Parliamentary questions, other documents published in the Official Journal C services, EFTA documents. Legislative procedures are also part of the EUR-Lex database.