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Renewals and Recalls


Items may be renewed for further loan periods under certain circumstances. After the last allowed renewal material must be returned to the Library, but may then be borrowed again.

  • Items cannot be renewed if a student has outstanding fines of more than €20
  • Items cannot be renewed if another reader has recalled the item
  • Items cannot be renewed if they are more than seven days overdue
  • Readers can only renew items up to the expiry date of their Library Account. After an account's expiry date, it will not be possible to renew via My Library Account

The Library recommends renewing items online via My Library Account, where the details of the items borrowed and the current return dates are available.

As renewing may be disallowed by another reader recalling an item, it may be prudent to renew books before they are due to be returned. A courtesy e-mail is sent five days before the item is due to be returned.

Items may also be renewed in person via self-service kiosks.

General Lending Items

Undergraduates may generally renew General Lending items a total of five times (so, to have the item a maximum of six loan periods). Staff and postgraduate students may generally renew items once only (so, to have the item a maximum of two loan periods). The reader's account must be in good standing and the item must not have been recalled by another reader.

In most cases, if no more renewals are possible, once returned to the Library the renewal rules are "reset" and an item can be borrowed again immediately by the same reader. This should be done at a Library Service Counter, rather than using a kiosk. As with renewals, the reader's account must be in good standing and the item must not have been recalled by another reader.


If an item is out on loan to a reader, staff and students can recall it in most cases using the Place Recall button in Stella Search. Recalls shorten the borrowing period of the item, or stop the borrower being able to renew it.

Once a recalled item has been returned, the requester is e-mailed and has three days to collect the item; recalled items are often in high demand and may have been requested by several readers.

Recalled items must be returned within seven days of the recall notice being sent via e-mail, or the original due date, whichever is sooner; the recall e-mail will state the new due date.