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What are the benefits to joining edepositIreland?

  • A secure maintained home for your publications.
  • The comfort of having an offsite backup storage location
  • Your own collection with customised logo, text and collection search.
  • Indexed metadata and content exposed to Web browsers
  • Usage statistics
  • Potential to increase visibility of research
  • Compliance with open access policies to deposit in an open access repository
  • Paperless workflow

How do I join?

Please read our registration information, and contact the Accessions Librarian, Trish Quigley. She will discuss the set up of your collection, and any other queries you might have about edepositIreland. Once we have completed the set up of your collection we will e-mail you your login details.

Can there be multiple submitters from one organisation?

This is no problem, we can set up a group login and associate multiple persons with this so you can work collaboratively. We can also keep logins and workflows separate if preferred. It is no trouble to add or remove submitters if your personnel change.

What is involved in edeposit?

Once you have your login and password you are ready to go. You will have a collection/s assigned to your login, so the system will know automatically where to put your publications. You then fill in a form describing each publication, upload the file and tick the deposit agreement. Once the sumbission process is completed you will receive an automated e-mail saying you have been successful. One of our cataloguers will check your submission and approve and make visible the deposit. An automated e-mail containing the permanent url of your publication will be sent to you.

How do I describe my publications?

Our deposit form has been designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible whilst still enabling our members to describe a wide range of materials such as serial parts. Fill in the relevant information and leave the rest blank. We have only three compulsory fields: title, publication year and document type (you choose one type from a dropdown list, e.g. report) The rest of the form can be filled in at your own discretion, but the more information the better for our readers. A handy guide is available from the deposit screen, click on edepositIreland help.

What is the deposit agreement?

For each item deposited you will be asked to agree to a deposit agreement.

What is the collection policy?

We are interested in collecting a broad variety of open access born digital publications.

What is the take down policy?

We will remove content only in special circumstances. We reserve the right to remove any material of a defamatory or libellous nature.

Which file formats are accepted?

The system accepts a wide range of file formats, including pdf, xml, txt, doc, ppt, xls, and image, sound, video and multimedia formats. See the full list

What should I do if I've lost my password?

You will receive an e-mail with your password subsequent to registration. Please contact the administrator if you have lost this password.

Can I submit bulk uploads?

Yes we can accept bulk uploads of files and data. Contact the administrator to receive a guide to help you prepare your data for upload. You will be submitting an Excel spreadsheet containing the data which includes a column for the exact filenames of the documents to be uploaded. During the bulk upload each line of the spreadsheet will generate a new record and the named file will attach to the record.

Any other questions?

For new members' set-up and general enquiries

Patricia Quigley
Accessions Librarian
Trinity College Dublin
College Street
Dublin 2

Tel. +353-1-8961021

For existing members' set-up changes, queries regarding the deposit process or systems issues

Niamh Harte
Assistant Librarian
Trinity College Dublin
College Street
Dublin 2

Tel. +353-1-8963511