We have received reports of a phishing email with the subject line "Thursday, March 30, 2023: Reminder username@tcd.ie".

This email appears to come from "Support username@tcd.ie", but is in fact NOT from any Trinity account.

The email content is as follows:

From: Support username@tcd.ie

Subject: Thursday, March 30, 2023: Reminder username@tcd.ie


Office 365 logo

Hi User,

Please note that your Password for you email will expire in 24hrs

To Keep same Password, Please verify Below to avoid disconnection

button: Keep/Verify password

Do not Ignore, to avoid Email closure

2023 Microsoft Password Expiration

Microsoft logo

DO NOT respond to this email, click on the link or give away your username and password via the link.

DO delete or report the email as phishing.

If you have already responded to the email or clicked on the attachment and given away your username and password, immediately:

Learn more about Phishing