What is Microsoft Bookings?

Bookings is an online scheduling and reservation tool (and mobile app) that can be used to schedule almost anything.

All Trinity staff members have access to Microsoft Bookings by signing into office.tcd.ie with their Trinity IT username and password.

Here's what you can use Bookings for:

  • Personal meetings link in your email signature
  • One-to-one, or group, appointments (for example, tutorial slots)
  • Schedule research interviews (and automate most parts of the process)
  • Reserve a seat at a physical desk, or a whole room, on campus
  • Book equipment
  • Reserve a seat at an online lecture / webinar (you can even 'force' verify an attendee's email address)
  • Easily enable 'blended' meetings: attendees on-campus and off-campus in the same meeting

What comes with the update and interface changes?

Once you're in the new Bookings view, you'll see the new experience. Here's what comes with this version:

Compliance, Privacy, and Tighter Controls

Bookings now has stricter administrative controls, and each user within Bookings has varied levels of control over how calendars are created, edited, and shared as well as how appointments can be booked.

A list of the different access levels on Microsoft Bookings: administrator, scheduler, team member, viewer, guest

Customisation and Branding

You can now customise your Bookings calendars and pages with Trinity branding. You can use Trinity's colour theme. Confirmations, cancellations, nd reminders can be customised using a rich text editor.

A photo of the color chart and preview available on Microsoft BookingsA screenshot of the different options available under add service on Microsoft Bookings


Simpler Scheduling

Scheduling has been streamlined and has been made as simple as possible. Admins can add multiple staff members and get a unified view across all their calendars and availability. Switching between multiple calendars is made easier with an option to filter by staff members and services. You can even pin a specific calendar for easier tracking.

A screenshot of the scheduling service on Microsoft Bookings

Get support and training

Join our SharePoint Training channel on Microsoft Teams to get access to training resources and frequently asked questions about Microsoft Bookings.

Here's how:

  • Open teams, select the 'Teams' button along the left side of the app
  • Click on the 'Join or create team' button
  • Search for TCD365-SharePointTraining (make sure to include 'TCD365-' in your search)
  • In Search Results, click the 'Join the team' button
  • You're now a part of the TCD365-SharePoint Training Team and have access to all of the resources there!

The new Bookings is easy to use, but if you need support you can get some support at the following places:

Get Started With Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings Guides and Resources