Resolved: 29 June 2023

These works have now been completed.

First posted: 12 June 2023

What's happening? 

The service which provides internet access to students, by Wi-Fi or wired connection, will be upgraded over a three-day period and will include a four-hour downtime period. 

Here's what you can expect

Upgrade activities will begin on Monday, 19th June and are expected to be complete by 6pm on Wednesday, 21st June 2023.

The TCDconnect Wi-Fi service will be completely unavailable during a four-hour period on Tuesday, 20th June from 8am until 12pm. This means there will be no student Wi-Fi or wired connectivity during this period.  You will not be able to connect currently registered devices to the Trinity Network nor will you be able to register a new device. 

During the full upgrade time window from Monday to Wednesday, the TCDconnect service is considered ‘at risk’, meaning that you may intermittently experience an issue registering a new device or for short periods be unable to connect your device to the Trinity Network.